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What is it?

OrderPartner is a system for the exchange of digital messages securely over the Internet, translating data formats and transmission protocols as necessary to allow incompatible systems to communicate.

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How does it work?

When messages are received they are converted to an internal format and written to a secure message store, from where an outbound process reads, converts and sends them to the recipient using their preferred format and protocol. Both inbound and outbound messages are handled by chains of objects that are constructed using configurable rules defined by the traders.

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Can I see a diagram?

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Is it right for my organisation?

OrderPartner helps to prevent the proliferation of interfaces by acting as a buffer between your organisation and your trading partners. When new data exchanges arise we can translate the format and protocol as required, delivering compatible content in either direction. In providing this service we offer a viable alternative to hosting your own interfaces, removing the associated investment in infrastructure and personnel, and we think that this could have a startling effect on your next IT budget.

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Can you really develop for free?

We aim to develop all trading interfaces for free and to recoup our investment and a modest operating profit over the useful lifetime of the interface, but there will clearly be some circumstances where, for example, a very low traffic volume means that this pricing model will not work. For each new requirement we will agree with you a reasonable charge per-transaction based on your planned and actual usage, data size, volume and frequency and our charges DO NOT depend upon the value contained within your messages. We think this is a fair way to conduct our business.